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Recapping our 2021

So here’s the deal. 2021 has been quite the mixture of emotions for us. Much of it circling around anger and frustration, with a dash of sadness and tears.

Make no mistake, there’s been many and plenty of happy moments too.

2021 started off with much excitement and craziness and ended the same way. In fact, the ending to 2021 is so shocking we aren’t even in a place to share those details publicly. Truth is, once we found out, we couldn’t even get mad or cry because we used up those emotions already so we resorted to laughter. Not your regular-good-news-type-of laughter, more like a crazy-you-have-to-be-kidding-me-type-of laughter because it’s just unbelievable. Sadly, it isn’t over yet.

Nonetheless, here’s the deets on our 2021…

⏺ Birth of our daughter in February during the craziest winter snowstorm in Texas’s history. Brought baby home to our RV without running water & we ran out of propane. Thank God for space heaters.

⏺ Brett got a job after CO-VID wrecked the healthcare IT scene pushing him into a year long unemployment.

⏺ We celebrated 3 years of Fulltime RV Life.

⏺ Paid off our final debt totaling over $600k paid in 3 years time.

⏺ Relocated to Charlotte, NC & left RV Life. Moving a RV & a storage unit full of stuff with a baby isn’t for the weak.

⏺ Mandates. Hit us hard. Meredith accepted a job that we moved for, lead to mandates and she didn’t start work as originally planned back in August.

⏺ Sold our RV to a new fulltime family.

⏺ Lost our cleaning team for our vacation rental cabin, resulting in lost revenue for more than 2 months.

⏺ Found new jobs for Meredith north of Charlotte working PRN at both.

⏺ Bought a 115 year old historic home after MONTHS of searching.

Crazy what can happen in a year, right? Those last three points weren’t planned. Suffice it to say, we’re ready to move on from 2021, but we’re thankful for this year as we learned how to be parents. Navigating new challenges and lessons learned together. 2021 gave us wonderful moments related to our daughter hitting her milestones & watching her learn and grow. We’re blessed to have the opportunity to do it together.

Let’s get it 2022!

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