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Reverse Paycheck: A Guide To Give Yourself a Raise

Working for No Tomorrow, Working for No Chance of a Raise

You’re in a job where raises and bonuses are hard to come by..or maybe you’re in a job where a ‘cost of living’ raise adds about 25 cents an hour to your hourly rate..or maybe you’re in a career that offers a ‘years of service’ bonus, but it’s minimal and it’s not much to get excited about.

What if your spending habits changed? What if you removed your debts? What about selling that expensive car that costs you $500/month?

There’s a raise without having to wait for your employer! Sure you can always wait on raises, but most raises do little for YOUR bottomline. Change your perspective about your income. Use it as both an asset and a tool. As an asset, your income treats you to the essentials. Place to live, something to drive, & food to eat. As a tool, your income becomes your hammer to debt which is your nail. Some might even call this a budget.

The most empowering thing about personal finance is…

Understanding where your money goes every month is step one. Life would be a whole lot different if your income every month STAYED WITH YOU. Can you imagine?

Pay off your debts…give YOURSELF a raise. #reversepaycheck.

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