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So you want to be a CRNA, huh?

As a spouse who witnessed every step of the way, I’ll give you 3 things you need for your SRNA to CRNA journey.

1. Bulks of notecards & endless supplies of paper. Also, grab one of those hand exercise squeeze balls. You’ll need it after all the notes you’ll take.

2. A large table, preferably a farm house table that seats 8 people. You’ll need the square footage for all of the large books you’ll inevitably have spread out and open at the same time.

3. A really good support system. You’ll need people to remind you what time of day it is, what the actual day is, and ask you if you’ve remembered to eat regularly. Bonus points if they have the means to support you financially because, well..anesthesia school is expensive.

All jokes aside, I witnessed what true dedication looks like when it comes to furthering one’s education. Meredith endured so much during the 3 full years it took to complete her DNP in anesthesia, but that dedication turned into an amazing journey for us both.

My advice for others who will be supporting their significant others on their DNP SRNA journey is this…

Be Patient.

Be Kind.

Be Supportive.

And understand that you aren’t there to create a distraction, you’re there to help prevent them. You’re there to help them stay motivated and offer assurance when the challenges seem so large.

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