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The Life of a CRNA

“Has working in surgery forced you to wear glasses & a mask at the same time? You may be entitled to condensation”. It happens…seriously.

The life of a CRNA…

1. Emotional.
2. Physical.
3. Mental.

Meredith & I were talking the other night about jobs that encompass all 3 of these above. In no particular order and most often these happen all day long doing the work she does. To be honest, I’m not sure how she makes coherent sentences when she gets home from work. I’ll promise you this…all those medical shows on TV are sooo wrong. I was watching one awhile ago, I think it was “House MD” and a X-Ray image of a patient’s chest and lungs was upside down and backwards. 🙄 I will say this about a medical show on TV versus real life…there is a ton of drama, but it has nothing to do with love triangles and deception…at least not in our experience.

I’ve witnessed Meredith’s CRNA journey

I feel fortunate to be apart of what she does, I can somewhat relate back to my days in Radiology and Cardiology, even though I’ve never seen her masterfully and tactfully have her patient ready for their surgery or skillfully wake them up once it’s finished. (She actually got to see me do my thing while I worked in the Cath Lab forever ago 😉) BUT, I did watch her study for 3 years straight, I watched her travel to clinicals all day and then study all night, I watched as she completed her Capstone Project and is published in the Library of Congress. Now I watch as she goes to bed no later than 9pm to be well rested for her patients everyday. She says, “If that was my family, I would want to know my CRNA was well-rested”. I’ve even witnessed her come home immediately from work & open one of her books from school to review her notes on a particular case.

What I can tell you, she takes her work seriously. There isn’t a day that goes by where she doesn’t have a mentally, physically, or emotionally challenging day.

And then…she gets up and does it all over again the next day.

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