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Time for a Refresh

I suppose it’s time. Our original logo served us well, but now that our RV is no longer part of our journey towards FIRE, it’s time. Even though it’s no longer here, its significance will be felt and talked about for years.

Still very much DrivingTowardsFIRE…

As the name still suits us, just needed a refresh. We’re keeping emphasis on our medical background as it has led us directly to this financial independence journey despite the last two years being quite the tumultuous profession, it’s still where we started and very likely where we’ll end it.

Still wandering, but definitely not lost…

You could make the argument that because we wandered we found ourselves. Or at the very least we found what was missing. I now understand what Andy from The Office meant when he said, “Addition by Subtraction”. We added significant value to our lives by subtracting what didn’t bring any value.

Precisely what the FIRE movement stands for…

FIRE might stand for Financial Independence Retire Early, but make no mistake…the movement exists because the true value of financial independence is TIME. Subtracting the BS from your life and adding TIME back to it. The financial part of it is what helps you buy that TIME back.

We might be DEBT FREE now…

But we have much left to do.



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