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Building a True Legacy

Psst…parents listen up…

Have you started investing in your child’s future? I know what you are thinking…”I’ve got time”.

You’ve heard the saying, “time in the market is better than timing the market”. This is 1000% true for ourselves & your little one. You might also be thinking, “My parents didn’t save a penny for my future and I managed just fine”. But that doesn’t mean it has to be this way. Nor should it ever be this way.

Your child’s future doesn’t depend on what you leave for them, it depends on what you teach them along the way. Let me just say this…

Parents, your kids are NOT your future caregivers & you shouldn’t depend on them to care for you financially when you get old.

Equally, folks…your parents are NOT your retirement plan. Your future is not your parents financial responsibility.

A legacy doesn’t simply mean leaving behind financial gifts, a true legacy is knowledge. Knowledge is wealth. Just leaving money as a legacy without the knowledge on how to manage it, isn’t a legacy at all. If someone can’t manage $100, how would they manage anything more?

Our goals for Eleanor include leaving a legacy of knowledge, an understanding that time is money, and ALWAYS choose experiences over things.

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