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Invest like an Optimist, Save like a Pessimist

I saw this posted yesterday, but I don’t recall where and I was unsuccessful at finding it to give proper credit. Here’s the thing…I LOVE IT. Such a great mindset! (EDIT: The article with that title above I was referring to came from Morgan Housel who posted it on Reddit! Thanks @teal.talesMorgan Housel

Here’s what I love most…

You take the word pessimist which usually has a negative connotations behind it and team it up with the words ‘save like’, which indicates something positive. Such a mindbender!

I’m betting the person that came up with that quote majored in Psychology!

Here’s what it means to me…an optimist would tell you to be smart and invest money for your retirement regardless of what happens with the stock market. Invest like there’s no way you can lose! The second part is the most important message to me…

‘Save like a pessimist’.

Pessimists will tell you the world is ending after 2020 and in many cases they would tell you there’s no point in investing in your retirement because you’ll never reach it. In this case, a pessimist thinks that things are only going to get worse, so they’ll just save their money to be prepared!

Once upon a time…

To be honest, I once lived my life more as a pessimist than an optimist, but that usually depended on the situation. Nowadays, I spend my time looking at the future or any situation with as much optimism as possible. It’s the incessant worrying as a pessimist that wore me down…truly it’s exhausting to worry about most things 100% out of our control!

Optimism can carry you when you don’t feel like walking.

It takes more muscles to frown than to smile. Optimism takes less energy and pessimism sucks the life right out of you. Saving for your future should absolutely include an optimistic thought process because no matter where you are in life, you can always go up…just like your retirement savings.

You’re ALIVE today and there’s no way you can lose with air in your lungs and beats in your heart!


EDIT: The article with that title above I was referring to came from Morgan Housel who posted it on Reddit! Thanks @teal.tales

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