Our 1906 Folk Victorian Farmhouse Renovation

Historic Bricks & Historic Mortar…

This is one section of our large unfinished attic in its current state. Man, do we have some plans for the attic! Phase 2 of our renovation will include adding roughly 500 additional square feet to our existing 2300 square feet home. This attic will eventually be used as a large playroom/office/bedroom with a bathroom, or two smaller bedrooms and a smaller bath. Plans are still being discussed.

Unfortunately, it will likely require us to remove the old historic fireplace…

I know what you are thinking…”No, don’t do it!” We absolutely looked at a variety of ways to incorporate it into the home with our current reno plans. But it doesn’t work. Not only is the fireplace sealed up behind a wall in the kitchen & old dining room, the historic mortar is not in good shape & if you look closely, the chimney stack has a lean to it. It’s not really safe, but we’ll get additional guidance on it from our contractor.

Have no fear….

Even if they old historic fireplace has to be removed, we’ve planned to build an outdoor brick walkway with the old bricks leading to a new firepit we’ll build.

Renovate and restore, salvage the rest!

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