Our 1906 Folk Victorian Farmhouse Renovation

Master Bath & Master Bedroom Progress Update

It might not seem like much from the pictures, but we’ve made huge progress with converting the front bedroom to the master bath and the old dining room into our master bedroom.

What you do see…

Concrete footings have been poured to all the foundation piers and both rooms have ALL NEW floor joists and subfloor. These are Critical in an old home with sagging floors.

What you don’t see…

We have our design just about nailed down for our master bath including saving the original claw foot tub located in the back of the house and relocating it to the master bath. For space saving and adding back some early 1900’s character, we are getting a POCKET DOOR between the master bedroom and bathroom! Who knew I could be so excited about a door? Lol. We also have some epic tile picked out that will be completely age appropriate for our 116 year old home.


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