Our 1906 Folk Victorian Farmhouse Renovation

Say Hello to Our New Stairs

April 19th, 2022: New Stairs…

Say hello to our brand new stairs! Our entire entryway has changed quite significantly since the beginning of our renovation. Our new stairs extend from our future upstairs conversion that primarily existed as an attic. This half story is now home to a beautiful Juliet balcony right at the top of the stairs. The natural light that will rain down these new stairs will be amazing.

The stairs have yet another change to go through…

Besides the finishing touches, we needed to tweak the bottom step into a large obtuse triangle landing extending to the right allowing for additional focus on our welcoming fireplace. This design change came from the fact that our new stairs extend 1.5 feet longer into the foyer than we planned. Because of this, the bottom posts of the fireplace would partially be tucked behind the stairs creating a convoluted space and not visually appealing. Although the fireplace isn’t functional, we still want it to be an essential focal point when entering through our front door. Creating this landing at the base of the stairs will give it the aesthetic magic it needs to shine. Your eyes will be drawn to it!

Come on Summer, we’re ready to get moved in!

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