Our 1906 Folk Victorian Farmhouse Renovation,  Our Story

Twelve Thousand Dollars

“Everybody got a small town anthem…
Everybody got a story to tell,
Everybody got a hallelujah,
Everybody been through a little hell”.

Something you should know about us…

•We both grew up in a small town.
•We’ve been telling our story for awhile now.
•We’ve had more hallelujah’s than we can count.
•and, we’ve had our share of going through hell.

Who has been around our story long enough to remember our first truck we bought to pull our RV? Anyone remember that hell? Whew, what a doozy. If you scroll back far enough, you’ll find it.

Taking risks…

“If you dare nothing,
then when the day is over,
nothing is all you will have gained”. — Neil Gaiman.

On 12/23, we had some breathtaking news sent to us and it wasn’t until 1/17 did we breathe again. I’ll stop with the vagueness. Prior to our closing, we had already identified and verbally agreed with one of the prominent general contractors & designers of the area. We paid our deposit ($12,000) & their work on our home was to begin on 1/3/22.

Which didn’t happen…

We found out that the wife (designer) of our general contractor had plead guilty to wire fraud/embezzlement charges totaling 15 MILLION DOLLARS. This occurred over 7 years at her previous employer. Unbeknownst to us, apparently she had multiple instances of this in her past. After the initial shock (mind you, these folks come highly recommended with glorious reviews & references), WORRY started to set in. They had $12,000 of our money! We feared that money was lost as the FBI would likely freeze all their accounts.

After 3 weeks of back and forth…

We finally got our money back & we were able to breathe again. Our project delayed, but our money not lost. Thankfully. Sadly, we had to begin the efforts of finding new contractors & designers, but as God has done time & time again in our lives, we’ve found someone who will actually do a better job than the first.

Why tell you this?

Life is about taking risks. Sometimes things workout, sometimes they don’t. Greatness happens when you don’t give up, No matter the challenge. Also, let this be a reminder that EVERYONE goes through some HELL & you may not even know.  Our story relates to all blessings and all challenges.  Equally, our story includes the path to financial freedom, financial mistakes, financial lessons learned, and sharing any financial information along the way.  Don’t let social media confuse you to think that life is always rainbows and butterflies for everyone.  Everyone chooses to show you the highlights in life vary rarely giving you insight to challenges.  Since day 1, we’ve shared our ‘wins’ and our ‘losses’.  It’s important for us to show every aspect of our path to financial independence, even the uncomfortable stuff.

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