Our 1906 Folk Victorian Farmhouse Renovation,  Our Story

Welcome to March!

Is that Spring in the air? Or is that dust from our renovation? Both?

Either way, we’re excited for March! I’ll give you two reasons:
1. We celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary on 3/26.
2. Our renovations are FINALLY underway!

What has felt like such a long process to get started, we hope is a high quality effort towards a timely completion. In other words, WE READY.

• We’re ready to get settled somewhere for awhile.
• We’re ready to be part of a community again.
• We’re ready to chase Eleanor all over our yard.
• We’re ready for evening walks in our historic neighborhood.
• We’re ready to make some new memories in a home with more than a century of past memories.
• We’re ready for our dogs to have more space to roam.

It’s TIME and we hope for an epic adventure of watching our ideas become a reality!

Who’s excited for Spring?

Give us some feedback!

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