Our 1906 Folk Victorian Farmhouse Renovation,  Our Story

When the sun sets on 1906…

Most people would likely tell us that we’re crazy, but jokes on them because we knew this long before we decided to buy, restore, & renovate an old home from the early 1900s…

While at the same time, raising our almost-year-old daughter, taking care of our three big dogs, new jobs, new place, managing a vacation rental from a distance, etc.

The last thing we should add is a project of this caliber, right?

Yeah I suppose you’d be right, but people thought we lost our minds when we decided to move out of our 2400 sq ft Nashville home and into a 400 sq ft RV too. No lie that was hard at first, but the payoff was worth it. Life changing actually.

Life is amazing like that.

Knowing that you can make changes & sacrifices at a moment’s notice if things aren’t what you want them to be, is exactly what makes life amazing.

Life takes you down many paths.

Some you may choose & others chosen for you, but amazing all the same. Each path presents its challenges, big or small, easy or hard, long or short, and too often we worry about the destination we’re on that we overlook the most valuable part of life…



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