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Creative Financial Solutions: Buying an Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

Creative Financial Solution:  A True Story

I put Meredith’s engagement ring and wedding band on a layaway payment plan.

But you know what? I paid cash for it. No debt, no financing, just monthly payments of what I could pay each month for basically 6-8 months. Our local jeweler allowed me to work with them on this as an agreement that they would hold it in good faith with an initial deposit and routine monthly payments. With ZERO interest. This was in early 2009, I believe. It wasn’t something they were promoting, but I asked and explained my plan to them and we came up with an arrangement that worked for both of us. Is it possible to do this today? Maybe…but it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask.

Ironically enough, today marks the official day I asked her to marry me back in 2009.

Sometimes we need to get creative with our finances. I knew I wanted to marry her, I knew she’d love the ring, & I knew if I could pay cash for it I’d feel so rewarded both seeing her face and knowing I didn’t have to make loan payments for years after we got married.

Dedication, diligence, and determination. Having the right mindset about money allowed me to think creatively about this wonderful life changing situation. I wanted the ring to be beautiful for Meredith, but I wasn’t making an investment in the RING, I was making an investment in our FUTURE.

Throughout all my years, I’ve not had a lot of money, and I’ve certainly made some mistakes along the way, but I’ve been creative at finding alternative solutions. This is what financial independence is all about.

Anyone else have a similar story where you thought differently on a financial situation?

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