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We have had a frustrating and emotional week. We found an RV that we LOVED! The dealership is about a three hour drive and after several phone calls and emails with this dealership/salesman in London Kentucky we arranged for a little road trip on Saturday. Brett called the salesman, Jake, on Friday to give him an approximation of our arrival time and Jake (whom we have been speaking with for two weeks about this RV) informed us that he SOLD it! WTF??? He wasn’t even going to let us know!!! What an “A” hole!!! He then tried to sell us on a more expensive RV….Brett politely told him to go “F” HIMSELF! (Brett unfortunately did not actually tell Jake to “f” himself, but I think he should have. Brett politely said we will be taking our business elsewhere since he didn’t have the consideration to inform us he sold it.) I guess we should have put a down payment on a RV we hadn’t seen in person? For some reason that doesn’t seem like a bright idea to me. So now we are on the RV/fifth wheeler hunt again. On a positive note we sold the Jeep! We are trying to be happy about it, but it was a very sad moment watching it drive away…Brett and I may have cried a little.

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