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Whew….exhaustion.  Yet another Sunday night waiting for Monday to hit like a ton of bricks.  Am I right?  Anyone else feel this way?  Raise your hand if Americans should have 3 day weekends?  Work 5 days then off ONLY 2??  Come on, who set this up?

Friday Frustration:

What a weekend.  Friday began another truck hunt.  Meredith had an early day at work and took advantage of it.  Feeling somewhat defeated, I’ve been sulking most of the week.  You see my confidence in buying a used car is shattered.  Those guys at the dealership who we haven’t named yet (coming soon) left me like I was in the wrong, like I am the one who should be a mechanic…one who can look at rust and make a determination whether it’s surface or structural.  Awful week for me mentally.  Meredith stepped up and began searching, calling, emailing, etc to find us an actual truck we can use.  One that is not only safe to pull an RV, but one that we can actually drive.  Found one…in Columbia, TN.  An hour or so from us here in Nashville.  We took off late afternoon on Friday to look at it.  We arrive and instantly were deceived by the pictures we had looked at earlier.  This was a 2013 F-350, but it hadn’t been cared for.  It looked rough on the inside.  The underbody and frame had rust, but this time we knew what to look for.  In short, this wasn’t “the truck”.  Meredith also found another one, but this one was 3.5 hours away in Marion, Illinois!  This truck looked good in both pictures and on paper.  BUT…3.5 hours away!?!

Here comes Saturday (RV Delivery Day!):  

Saturday started off great.  Excited to get the phone call that our RV was being delivered to our storage unit parking spot….finally.  Not the way we originally planned, but it will finally in our possession.  Until….

Office Manager at the storage place calls us.  Calls us to let us know that our “reserved” spot had canceled!  Wait…WHAT!?!  How is this possible?  This was arranged weeks ago.  So our 42 foot RV was delivered to the storage facility, but our spot is no longer available.  “OMG, what did you do”?!?  PANIC is the short answer.  Nearly in tears, I asked the office manager to please don’t do this to us.  We have no where else to store it.  Especially no where that can accommodate something this large.  Fortunately, they were kind enough to find us a spot at their sister location (10 miles) away.  Wow, right?  Talk about an adrenaline rush.  The driver who delivered our RV was sympathetic and had no issue with bringing it the other location.  He had heard about our misfortunate with the rusted and unsafe truck and was willing to help anyway he could.

In a 15 minute span we experienced so many emotions it felt like whiplash.

After getting everything set with the RV and thanking the delivery guy it was decision time.  After grabbing a bit to eat and reviewing pictures and carfax again, we call the dealership in Marion, Illinois to let them know we were on our way.  We had to hurry as they close earlier on Saturday.  We arrive in Illinois to a beautiful 2010 Ford F-350 King Ranch certified one-owner truck!  62,000 original miles and YEP NO RUST OF ANY SIGNIFICANCE.  Meredith literally found the truck we should have bought the 1st time around.  Feeling optimistic, this might be the one….”the truck”.  Test drive…solid.  Drove like new.  Climbed underneath and evaluated everything we could….looks great.  This is the one.  Didn’t have intentions to buy, but no way we could let this truck slip through our fingers.  We made the deal, signed the dotted line, and made our way back to Nashville.  {Pictured below is our new truck!}

So you may be asking….”but what did you do with the other truck?”  Oh you mean the one deemed not safe for driving?  Yeah that truck is sitting and will continue to sit.  Hasn’t been driven since Tuesday after I left the dealership who shall not be named at this point.  We are working closely with our attorney to resolve this situation so we can fully move forward.  The best part of this past week is knowing that it’s easier to tackle challenges when you have someone in your corner.  Meredith worked miracles and helped find us the best truck possible.  Last week was certainly one of the most difficult as of late, but there’s no time to sulk.

2 weeks until take off to Virginia Beach.


  • peter holme

    awesome persistence !!! way to go brett and way to go meredith !! saw a great movie on netflix that would inspire you for your the beginning of your travels…about a surfer family traveling around the world…called “GIVEN”……ck it out sometime. good luck you guys !

  • Candy

    Whew! Thank goodness you found a truck, got your fifth wheel delivered, and you are packing up. You also have a good attorney. The pieces are falling in place. We wish you good luck moving. Plus you will have moral support from everyone!

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