Our Life Before FIRE

Major Setback

Well, today didn’t go as we had hoped…to put it simply.

You know that old saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”?  What if you buy a lemon, so rotten it could do you harm?

We bought a lemon.  Our truck has more problems than a math test.  As we mentioned on Friday last week it was determined by our RV technicians that our truck has severe rust on the frame and body that would deem it unsafe to tow our new home.  So the gooseneck and hitch didn’t get mounted.  After speaking with the General Manager at the dealership on Friday, we both agreed Tuesday would work best to meet and have the truck reviewed by their mechanics.  He agreed that if the frame’s integrity was found to be compromised, he would reverse the deal.  For those wondering….yes, I have that in writing.  In preparation for my visit back to the dealership today, I took the truck to a local mechanic on Monday to give it a full detailed inspection so that it wasn’t just my word against theirs.  Are you ready for this?

Not only is the frame and body not structurally sound to pull the RV, it’s been deemed UNSAFE TO EVEN DRIVE.  Wow.  Never thought this could happen to me.  Never.

Here comes Tuesday.  Stomach in knots.  Took a personal business day from work.  Feeling optimistic that with our 2 reports from different businesses in 2 different locations with the same findings, we’d have this settled today.  WRONG.  First of all, the General Manager wasn’t even there today, “an emergency came up” as I was told.  I sent a confirmation email on Monday to be sure he and I were still to meet on Tuesday.  No Response.  Didn’t even bother notifying me that he wasn’t going to be there.  So in comes the Sales Manager and Service Manager, I give them the keys and the reports and I wait….1 hour goes by, nothing.  2 hours…..3 hours…..Finally, after I asked for an update, I saw them drive the truck around back for all of about 15 minutes.  For comparison, the mechanic and body shop I took it to on Monday had it for 6 hours.  The report I received back from them was a paragraph, kid you not that stated something like, “we’ve found that the truck is intact and fully capable of towing an RV”.  Didn’t note any detailed notes as to what was inspected.

My meeting with both the Service and Sales Managers lasted 30 minutes.  30 minutes of blaming me for not being a mechanic, explaining what I should have done, etc.  My emphasis was about safety and being lied to.  The truck we were sold was not the truck we bought.  I could go on and on about this “meeting”, but I’m going to stop it here…and yes, despite what was said, I remained 90% calm and direct.

You might have several questions.  Yes, we have engaged an attorney.  No, this will not delay our arrival to Virginia Beach in 3 weeks.  Yes, we are going to find another truck.  No, I will NOT be driving the lemon.  Last but not least, Yes, we are devastated, but No, we aren’t going to let this setback spoil our plans.


  • Candy

    You have a good attitude. That place shouldn’t have been selling such a huge hunk of junk. I would also report them to the BBB and join your local NextDoor online community. Warn others about not buying from that horrible business. Then move on. The place is filled with low life sales and managers so stay away from them. I wish you both good luck and blue skies ahead.

    • bshoemaker

      Thank you! It continues to be a challenge and you can’t help but feel defeated. Car dealerships lack accountability especially one like this one. We won’t let them slow us down!

  • Carmen

    So sorry y’all are having to deal with this issue!!come back down to South MS to buy one… but if not highly recommend getting the dealer you buy from let you take the truck to your mechanic to be checked out… have fun in VA Beach such a fun place!! Where will y’all be staying there? excited to follow your adventures!

  • Ryan

    Is there a way to go to the next post from here? It would be cool to be able to read them in order rather than have to sort by the tabs at the top. A simple arrow forward it back that allows you to browse in chronological order?

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