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Not Always Rainbows & Butterflies

Hi everyone!  Meredith has put up a few posts so now it’s my turn.

Great news!!  We are officially RV owners!  Saturday, we purchased a 2018 Coachman Chaparrel 391 42 foot 5th wheel!  This thing is no average “camper”.  It has a washer and dryer, sleep 6, has a kitchen island, and even room for me to work at a small desk.  Did I mention it has a fireplace and a full size refrigerator??  This thing is awesome and we can’t wait to hit the road in it….except for one issue.

Sometimes the journey isn’t always rainbows and butterflies.  (Just wait to until you get to read posts about my experiences dumping the black tank, should be a hoot).

This couldn’t be more true given the unfortunate news we received on Thursday last week from our RV technicians working to mount the gooseneck and hitch in our new-to-us F-350.

On Thursday, in preparation for our arrival Saturday, the RV technicians were beginning work on mounting the Anderson gooseneck and hitch to our truck, when they noticed the “severe pitting rust” as stated by them on the frame where the gooseneck was to be mounted.  In fact, the technician stated that the rust was so significant, he immediately called me to let us know that he was strongly against towing anything behind our truck…much less a 42 foot 5th wheel RV for our safety.  Ready to panic?  I surely was!  Wait…so you mean to tell me that the truck we just purchased 4 weeks ago has a compromised frame?!?!  You have got to be kidding me!  I explicitly expressed concerns at the dealership about some of the rust I noticed and was told “it’s all surface rust”.  You see, what other purpose would we have in owning a F-350 long bed truck? I clearly stated that our sole purpose in purchasing this truck was to pull a LARGE 5th wheel RV.

Additionally, which was also not mentioned to me at all, the entire bed of the truck doesn’t match.  The bed that is on it is from a 2011 or newer F-350!!  Ours is a 2006.  WHAT!?!  Yep, the RV technicians told me that too.  Might I add, the technician prior to installing hitches and goosenecks worked as an automotive technician….yep, you guessed it AT A FORD DEALERSHIP!

Are you angry?  Do you feel deceived?  We surely do.  Are we letting it distract us from our goal?  NOPE.  What’s your plan, you might ask.  On Monday, I will be taking the truck to a local mechanic to confirm and provide an actual detailed report of the rust on the frame.  On Tuesday, I’ll be taking the truck back to the dealership who sold me the truck with both reports in hand to get our money back.

Stay tuned and come back on Tuesday.  Will hopefully know more by then.



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  • Misty

    Don’t worry guys! This will all work out. And this is the only time you will have to do this part so that’s the silver lining in these setbacks! It’s gonna be a great journey. And I can’t wait to hear how his goes with the dealership who obviously sold you a lemon 🤬

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