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Preparing for FIRE

Preparing for our big adventure and journey towards FIRE is becoming more emotionally and physically challenging as our last day in Nashville approaches. We said goodbye to our CrossFit gym family this past weekend, which was very difficult. We also began downsizing and packing. Taking down our paintings and wedding photos had me feeling a little depressed for some reason, and as the boxes pile up and the walls become barren, I am hoping we are not making a mistake. There are many things I love about Nashville and one of those is our home. This is the first house Brett and I bought together and it was supposed to be our forever home. However, for now and for the sake of continuing forward I am reminding myself of all the nuances of music city that irritate me. I must be getting older but the TRAFFIC here is RIDCULOUS! I simply do not have the patience for it anymore. Plus I drive a standard and the “stop and go” is frustrating. Also, why are all the concerts on a weekday night?!? I go to bed at 9:00pm and every concert starts at 8:30pm!!! Does no one else work??? Or is everyone but me on vacation???
We are leaving in one week, hence our current state of frantically trying to pack and downsize as much as possible. Downsizing has been an interesting experience; I realize I have clothing in my closet that has not seen the sun in a decade! I also have been hanging on to a pair of crutches and a dilapidated walking boot. Seriously??? Why am I keeping these? Maybe I kept them to ward off bad karma. I foresee a trip to Goodwill and maybe if we can manage it, a quick yard sale. I hope there is time for a yard sale.
Another big-ticket item I decided to address this week was the financial dilemma of my company 401k. Do I roll over my 401k to an IRA account? Do I leave it alone until I am out of debt? I was on the phone with a Fidelity advisor for about 45 min and I decided to open an IRA. I also spoke with my first financial advisor, my dad, for some additional suggestions. I now feel slightly smarter in this arena but still feel very overwhelmed. Stay tuned. The packing adventure continues!


  • peter holme

    hopefully, you will start to feel much better once you actually get on the road for your new adventure. moving is always a huge pain for everybody. we ancient people made it all the way from colorado to venice florida, after 25 years in our second house. maybe that will give you some inspiration. also, since our move we’ve had to put up with 2 close call hurricanes and red tides for our beaches….but we still love our new location. i hope you aren’t tired of our comments yet, but we are eagerly following your progress and admire your persistence !

  • Claudine

    I love reading your posts and waiting to hear about your adventures! Just lean on the Lord and He will guide you🙌

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