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Stressful week

This week has been abnormally stressful for both my husband and I. Unfortunately we do not own a truck big enough to pull our future fifth wheeler so he is selling his “baby” a 2002 Jeep wrangler so that we may have a down payment for a truck. I never realized how expensive trucks could be! I am also dealing with some drama at work. Another anesthesia company is taking over the site I primarily work at. Which means I can either sign on with this new company and stay at my outpatient “easy going” surgical center, or stay with my current company and return to a more intense environment. For me this decision is easy. I am planning on traveling soon so I will stay with my current company until I have my first assignment. I figure the more intense surgeries I am involved with, the more experience I gain and the better provider I will be. Circling back to the more important issue of this evening…the Jeep. I can tell this is not easy for my husband because he loves that vehicle. Hopefully we will own another Jeep someday and not go into debt with its purchase. However adding to the drama of selling the Jeep and my work situation, our current discussions on the purchase of this new/used big Ford F350 truck are not going well; in fact they are getting heated! In the end we were arguing the SAME points! Has anyone else experienced this? It was only after we calmed down we realized this ridiculousness! Deep breaths, blue skies are coming our way!

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