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Sunday Night Crisis in Nashville

Its Sunday night at 5:30 pm and Brett just frantically ran out to the grocery store to get the basic food items we need for the week. You know things like milk, lunchmeat, and toothpaste. I’m busting my ass vacuuming my “dream house” and cleaning bathrooms in preparation for the workweek ahead. All the while I’m dusting and cleaning I keep telling myself…”this house is too effing BIG!” We could pay someone to clean our house and get our groceries…but seriously? That’s what our lives have come to? We don’t even have time to go grocery shopping?!? Additionally, we are desperately trying to get out of debt. How is forking out money for a clean house and groceries going to help mitigate our debt any faster?

The crises of Sunday night occurred due to a series of fun events that took place over the weekend. We woke up early Saturday to ride our bikes at Percy Warner Park. I like riding my bike there because of the 5.8 mile loop trail. As a novice biker this trail has, what I believe, some rather difficult hills. My heart feels like it is going to beat right out of my chest and since I’m trying to train for a triathlon I’m telling myself that this is a good thing. After our brief myocardial event we decided to drive and hour and half to spend a brief couple of hours with family at a festival in Smithville. It was nice, but since we are planning on downsizing to live in a 300square foot RV, the craft/art booths filled with all the cute home decor was a big tease. Then on Sunday we went to church, brunch, and went on a 2.4 mile hike with our dogs in Percy Warner park. We have lived in Nashville for over 2 years and we are just now exploring this park! Our dogs were thrilled and their tongues were hanging out to the side. By the time we got home around four o’clock and our content puppies passed out I couldn’t help but notice how much dog hair had accumulated on the floor. We try to keep the dog hair under control and the way our floors currently looked…we were loosing the battle! Cue the frantic Sunday night rush! We did too much fun stuff this weekend and didn’t spend anytime preparing for the week! Currently I’m waiting for my eggs to finish cooking in the microwave so breakfast will be ready for me when I get up in the morning. It’s eight thirty and I need to get ready for bed because 5 a.m. is ridiculously early and I am not a morning person.

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