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Then Versus Now: Challenging the Status Quo

Amazing how quickly life can change, right?  In this life it’s easy to get caught up living a life that might not work for you. It’s easy to do things a certain way because that’s all you were taught. It’s easy to take the safe route. It’s easy to do what everyone else does and it’s easy to just accept things for the way that they are.

We challenge you to think differently.

In the middle of Winter, we moved to Nashville, TN (January 2016) and it snowed like crazy that year. We initially rented a 1400 square foot home originally built in the 1920s I believe & it is literally right down the street from our home (pictured) that we purchased a mere 5 months later in June. The pressure we felt to buy “because we were throwing money away in rent” and “we need the tax break” from owning instead of renting loomed over us like a thunderstorm on a cloudy day.

It’s hard to say you regret things in life, because we literally refuse to live life that way. We loved our home. But it came with strings. Lots of them in the form of debt, interest payments, & the lack of time.  It all became a bit much on us mentally, physically, and emotionally.  We had all the ‘pieces’ of what should bring happiness, but we didn’t fully feel happiness.  Sure, parts of what we experienced during this time made us happy, but there were certain sacrifices that we made to chase a mediocre happiness.  Simply put, we had so much, but it all left us wanting something else.

We were normal and thought we had “made it”.

Great times were had in that home, but we quickly found out we were meant to live a different life. By the Fall of 2018, we bought our home on wheels, left our Nashville home, and boy were we scared!  Scared of the unknown, scared of judgement from friends and family, and scared of being so different than the ‘norm’.

Stepping out of the ‘Easy’ and a negative Net Worth for a challenge and a positive financial future ultimately proved to be a challenge at first. While we haven’t reached our goal just yet, we’ve learned that we are meant to live our life differently. At the time, leaving our home for a RV didn’t seem like a wise decision, but after almost 2 years of being fulltimers, the places we’ve explored, the time we’ve spent together, & the financial goals we’ve achieved have made the entire journey worth it.

Have you ever done something against the ‘norm’? How did it impact your life?

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