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2020: What a Start to a New Decade

2020…what a start to a new decade…

I saw a post in someone’s story yesterday that mentioned something along the lines of “for everyone wanting to hurry life back to normal, use this time to stop and think about which parts of normal are worth rushing back to…” Oh…Good, right? For some of us, I’d imagine the normal being having a ‘routine’. Knowing exactly what your day looks like before it even starts. Consistency, right?

But what about everything else? As I sit here and write this post, the thing I miss most about our normal day to day lives isn’t a ‘thing’ at all, in fact it’s simply about time. The time we share on dinner date nights with wholesome conversations; the time we share at the gym taking care of our health together; the time we share on vacations to somewhere new. That part of normal I miss 100%. But make no mistake…We’re taking advantage of our time now. We are safe, we have each other, we still workout together, & our wholesome conversations still happen during our home cooked dinner date nights. (We may even get dressed up one night just because).

What I don’t miss about normal life is the pressure to think or act a certain way; the expectations set forth from those who believe life is a generic script that you should follow and not what you want it to be; and the antiquated definition of wealth. Trust me there are others, but these are at the top.  Maybe it’s time for a new normal?

What are some things you are in a rush to get back to? What are some things you are totally fine not going back to?

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