Our RV Life Journey

8 Months of RV Life and Driving Towards FIRE!

8 months. We’ve been full-time RV’ers for 8 months as of May 23rd! We officially started our nomadic journey living and traveling full time in our 5th Wheel RV in October 23rd, 2018! Feels like yesterday we were scrambling to get things ready, anxiously and feverishly questioning if we could do this, and emotionally asking ourselves how we would handle it.

The first 3 months were pretty tough, admittedly. It was winter time, we didn’t know certain tiny details (that lead to big issues), and our 1st campground left little to admire. We burned through propane at an astronomical rate, we had frozen water and sewer lines multiple times, and without question the worst….a clogged black tank. Trust us…the struggle with a clogged black tank is not glamorous.

Since then, however…we’ve learned those tiny details, we’ve found ways to function in a smaller space, and knock on wood….no more black tank struggles. Would you believe that we went from…”we should do this…” to “we can do this…” to “we are doing it…” to “we can’t do this, it’s a mistake…” to “I’m so glad we chose to do this…”, ALL WITHIN 8 MONTHS. Let us be the 1st to tell you, if we can, you can too. It doesn’t have to be RV Life you choose, but it can be anything new you’ve never tried. IT IS POSSIBLE!

In the last 8 months we have…
1. PAID OFF OVER $32k in credit and student loan debt!! We only have one left that will be paid off by December this year.
2. Took a month off, traveled to our vacation cabin in the Smoky Mountains, traveled to the Bahamas for a week, went back home to Nashville and Mississippi to see family.
3. Visited multiple State and National Parks for hiking and touring.
4. Lived in a new State (Virginia) and enjoyed both VA Beach and the Colonial Williamsburg areas.
5. Met new friends along the way, both at gyms we’ve joined and through the RV community!
6. Spent much more time with each other than we had in the past!
7. Had the opportunity to eat at some phenomenal restaurants on our journey!

Over the course of the next few months we will continue our journey towards FIRE (Financial Independence Retiring Early), but are working on some new business(es), planning more trips, and scoping out our next journey. We have some things coming in the pipeline! Stay tuned!

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