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A Love for Love’s…(Large Travel Stops)

A love for Love’s…

When we travel, our stops are 100% intentional and planned. Here’s the thing, spontaneity doesn’t really work for us on travel days. Anyone relate? I’ll say this…if we were RV’ing in something less than 30 feet (and not the 42 foot beast), we’d likely be more laxed on travel plans and stops.

Here’s some things that help us along the way for some of you new RV’ers (and even those seasoned veterans 😉).

1. Travel Apps: “iExit” & “AllStays Truck & Travel”. Can’t stress how essential these are. iExit locates you via GPS on the Interstate or Highway and then tells you upcoming exit numbers and what’s located at those exits. We primarily use it for finding upcoming Rest Areas since most have large truck and trailer parking easy to get in and out of. AllStays Truck & Travel is the best. You can filter it to show all Travel truck stops like Flying J’s or Love’s Travel Stops. You can also have it show you roads that have low height overpasses and bridges so that you aren’t traveling on a road that you will get stuck and have to turn around! When you tap on Love’s on the map it will tell you the exact exit to take & what food is offered as well as how many diesel lanes they offer! We use these 2 in tandem every time we travel.

2. Walkie Talkies. We’ve talked about these before, but it’s worth mentioning again. Safer and easier to communicate while driving. If you are like us, one of us tows the 5th wheel and the other follows in our car. Extremely helpful to instantly communicate. Ours have a range of like 2 miles I believe. Highly advise investing in a set of Walkies (added bonus, they are helpful when parking your rig too).

3. If you have someone traveling with you in the tow vehicle, have them hop out and go inside to pay for diesel at these truck stops. The other person can immediately start filling up. This prevents the truckers behind you in line from waiting extended periods of time. Once we finish fueling, we always pull forward. Then we finish getting food, coffee, etc.

4. At every stop, double check all connections, tires, lights, etc on your truck and rig. Safety is most important!

Any others?

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