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Auto-Leveling Jacks Issue; a Fulltime RV’ers Nightmare

Auto-Leveling Jacks Issue; a Fulltime RV’ers Nightmare.


Life is…

Sometimes it’s a miracle, other times it’s a rollercoaster, majority of the time it’s a blessing…one minute you’re on an intentional path, then life decides to put you on a different path. In short, Life Happens. Am I right?

So here we are. We Said goodbye to our cabin and the Smokies (as well as my dad that came for a visit) and we made it safely to our next stop in route to Texas.

Except, life detoured us to a Home 2 Suites hotel tonight. As we arrived to the campground, we lowered the front Jacks on the RV only to eventually find out one of them seized and faulted causing all kinds of errors. This ultimately prevented us from lowering the rear Jacks. We had moved the truck at this point, only to quickly get it reconnected. In our efforts to troubleshoot, nothing worked. At one point, all of the RV’s weight upfront was being held by the jack that seized. Exhausted from today, we were able to stabilize the RV back on the hitch and lower the other front jack to even some of the weight.

So Life Happens, right? It changes the timelines a bit, but we’re safe, clean from hot showers, & all of us are together. We’re keeping positive that we can resolve it tomorrow when it’s daylight and we’ve had some rest. 🤞🏻.

No one said RV Life would be a breeze. Then again, no one said that about Life either, but you keep moving, you shake it off, and you stay motivated because we ALL have only one life to live. Whatever can happen, will happen. It’s how you respond that makes the difference.

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