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Black Tanks: Taking the ‘Glam’ Out of Glamping

Unfortunately they are 100% necessary. Today, we’re keeping it real. RV Life is awesome, but it can be gross too. Who’s ever heard of ‘fungus gnats’? Add them to the list of creatures we had not yet heard of until a few weeks ago.

What are “Fungus Gnats”?

For our RV friends, you may have heard of them, but in case you haven’t here’s a quick description: “Fungus gnats are one of the most commonly found plant pests worldwide. They love damp, dark and moist places like soil, fungi, decaying organic matter, and potting mix”.

Emphasis on the damp, dark, & moist place like your black tank.

What started as only a couple gnats that we just assumed came inside when we opened the RV door, turned into many. Then we discovered where they were coming from. When we flushed our toilet, they would scatter!

As fulltimers, it’s incredibly important to manage your black tanks. Maintenance makes for happiness as it relates to black tanks.  Seriously, if you don’t take the necessary steps to ensure your tanks are well-maintained, you might find yourself ill, frustrated, and disgusted all at the same time.

Here’s some things we do to properly manage our black tanks:

> First & foremost, we use a ton a water. Water creates permeable surfaces which keeps things moving. (Lesson learned 1 month in to RV Life almost 2 years ago!)

> We never leave the black tanks open. Only to drain once they are full, then we close them.

> We treat the black tank with AquaKem, Command & PortaPaks that help treat the smell, but also breaks down toilet tissue and other organic matter to prevent clogs.

> Connecting an exterior water hose and running in from the outside to fill and flush the black tank with fresh water. (Pictured)

> Treating the Fungus Gnats with “Nema Globe Pot Popper Organic Indoor Fungus Gnat Control”. $12.99 from Amazon. You’ll like need to order many depending on the size of your black tank. (Disclaimer, we haven’t tried this yet. Since filling and flushing with fresh water it has certainly helped remove many of them, so we’ll share how the Pot Popper does).

Just wanted to mention that it’s not always about the travels, the places we get to see, and the fun experiences we share, it’s also about maintenance.

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