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Car Registration and Annual Car Tag Renewals for Fulltime RV’ers

Are easy for most and a pain for likely just us. Let me explain.

Our Domicile is Located in Tennessee

We’ve talked about domiciles and how we get mail while on the road, but renewing our auto registration and car tags annually is a headache. Fortunately it only happens twice a year. Our domicile is located in Tennessee, Nashville Metro specifically. Our domicile is setup this way particularly for Meredith’s licenses for her career. It’s also setup this way for our quarterly tax submissions for the IRS.

Nashville Requires Emissions Testing

Nashville requires an emissions test of your car before you can receive your renewal. So every year, twice a year, regardless of where we have our RV setup, we make our annual pilgrimage back to Nashville to get this done. Last year we drove from Williamsburg, VA to Nashville which is a 9 hour drive. This year we drove from Tyler, TX back to Nashville totaling a 10 hour drive. Time, Money, Gas Mileage, Lodging, etc to pay $9 for an emissions test to renew our tag.

We’re the Exception and Not the Rule

For those of you looking to get into fulltime RV life, understand that we are likely the exception here and not the rule. Many others setup their domiciles in states like Texas, Florida, and the Dakotas which make it easier to renew registrations and car tags. For healthcare professionals with many licenses looking to travel via a RV, this might be something you’ll face as well. Not something many people will understand or be able to guide you on but, our CPA has been a solid resource on this topic. Make sure you get one if you don’t already have one.

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