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Day 1,000 of RV Life

Setting up new roots in Charlotte, North Carolina! Who guessed NC?

The decision made on the move to North Carolina wasn’t an easy one, especially the logistics of this kind of move. First, we haven’t sold the RV, which means it is traveling with us. That also means finding available campgrounds from Texas to North Carolina, as well as a storage unit in Charlotte for us to store it until we can sell it.

Next was finding movers available for our dates to relocate. But not just that, they would need to meet us at our storage units in Nashville, TN. But let’s not forget traveling with an infant and dogs. Also, we decided it wasn’t safe for Meredith to drive her car with Eleanor while I towed the RV separately. So we booked a trailer & her dad is towing it to NC for us.

Despite all the planning above, we still needed to find a place to live. Which is crazy given the real estate market, (y’all know how much I post about that! Lol). Anyways, we found a beautiful brand new townhome in south Charlotte that meets *most* of our needs. Yes, we will be renting for awhile. We have some other exciting news to share related to our FIRE journey coming soon too.

Hard to believe we made it to 1,000 days of living the fulltime RV Lifestyle. Nearly 3 years of living tiny, but every aspect of what we’ve done and accomplished is much bigger than the 400 sq ft we called home. Was it worth it? 1,000%. So much was gained over these 1,000 days. Much like life, you get out what you put in. We put every ounce of faith in this journey & this journey rewarded us.

So what’s next?

The RV posts will disappear, but we won’t. We’ll still be here sharing other milestones & our experiences in our new home. We hope you all continue to stick around! Look out NC, here we come!

Thanks for all the support & love, always. XOXO. More news coming soon!

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