Our RV Life Journey

Day 108 of RV Life

Day 108. 😮. We officially crossed into the triple digits of RV Living.
Nothing beats the sounds of a crackling fire 🔥!  How awesome is it that we can experience a campfire anytime that we want now!?
We are still trying to rewrite how we spend our Sunday’s. Sunday is a trap day for us sometimes. What we mean is that Sunday’s are intended to be a day of rest and recuperation to prepare for the upcoming week, but with us that isn’t always the case. In our bricks and sticks home, we spent Sunday’s running errands, doing laundry, grocery shopping, & getting meals ready for the week. Those things still happen even in our tiny home on wheels, but with less stuff and space, we find that many times we have more time to enjoy the day and fill it with more fun things to do.
What are your Sunday’s like?

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