Day 486 of RV Life
Our RV Life Journey

Day 486 of RV Life

Day 486 of RV Life…

Day 486 of RV Life

ALMOST 500 DAYS! Woah. Today (actually yesterday) marked 16 full months of living nomadically and traveling in our home on wheels.

If you are new to fulltime RV life, or thinking about taking the plunge, enjoy every step of your journey. Regardless if it’s something you’ve yet to experience good or bad, don’t focus too much on either. Instead, focus on the time you have, the places you go, and the people you meet. This journey is different for everyone that chooses it. 3 years ago we had zero thoughts of living this life. We hadn’t even been camping together. We didn’t know you had to refill the toilet with water manually before you use it. We didn’t know what GVWR meant. The point is, life changes. Embrace change, learn from new experiences, celebrate those challenges, especially when you overcome them.

Life is about setting expectations and goals, but is also about changing directions and chasing your dreams. RV Life has allowed us to change gears, learn something completely new, and build a life we’ll look back on and smile.

What dreams are you chasing? When will you start?

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