Our RV Life Journey

Day 511 of RV Life

Day 511 of RV Life

17 months of fulltime RV’ing and traveling on a mission to redesign our American Dream…

It’s amazing how quickly life can change. “A moment’s notice” couldn’t be more true today. Our situation is not unique though, many others are experiencing what we’re currently going through. We certainly know it’s ONLY temporary and we’re prepared.  If you would’ve told us 3 months ago that 2 healthcare professionals like us would now be laid off and unemployed due to a financial crisis at the hands of a global pandemic, there’s no way we’d believe you. No chance.

But…here we are. On Friday, I was let go from my contract & today (Monday), after Meredith got home from work, she received the very same call. I’ll say this, at the beginning of our journey, we knew taking contracts, traveling to places we didn’t know, & living in a RV made with tons of plastic parts presented certain known and unknown risks, but MANY were in our control. At least how we would respond to them. What we’ve accomplished though? No way we wouldn’t do it all over again. Without risk, there is NO reward.

This is completely different, however…We are having to make decisions now that wasn’t part of the plan. Feels like someone else is writing our story.  Starting tomorrow, we’ll be diligently making new plans, making new decisions, & coming up with new objectives and timelines. While we haven’t figured everything out yet…our time in Texas is likely over…

What will we do next? We’re working on it, but as soon as we know…we’ll share. Thoughts out to all others affected by this. Prayers for all dealing with new challenges and tough decisions.

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