Our RV Life Journey

Day 569 of RV Life

Life Always Can Change Quickly

Amazing how quickly things change. 1 month ago, RV Life was put on hold, our RV was in storage, and we didn’t know for how long. We spent nearly 45 days at our cabin in the Smokies and loved every minute. As many of you saw in our stories, we stayed busy.

Last Year We Battled a Lawsuit, This Year We’re Battling a Pandemic

This time last year things were hectic too, but not pandemic hectic. If you saw our post from last year in our stories you’ll know why. Hard to believe that was a year ago. Last year we were battling in a lawsuit (we won!) and this year we’re battling a Pandemic. I never thought those words would ever be in a sentence during our journey, but life is sometimes…unexpected. 19 months later, we’re still here and we’ll stop at nothing to achieve our dreams and goals.

Contract Extended Through June 2020

Thankfully, Our journey continues. For now, Meredith’s contract has been extended through the end of June. As for me, I’m coming up on Day 60 of being unemployed, BUT…I’m working on something exciting! Stay tuned…

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