Our RV Life Journey

Day 600 of RV Life

Wow. It feels like we were typing Day 1 not that long ago.

Day 600 equals 20 MONTHS! When we started our journey, we had 1 goal with 1 deadline. We originally planned to live this lifestyle for 1 year, committing to paying off our student loan & consumer debt in exactly that time frame.

Which we did as most of you know by now!

But something happened though… We found out we had ONLY scratched the surface of this lifestyle. We had ONLY scratched the surface of what our total long term financial outlook can look like. We had ONLY scratched the surface of how strong we could build our bond in marriage.

RV Life for us has been less about the RV & more about the lessons it’s taught us.

What we’ve learned this far in our journey is that we have everything we could ever need right here inside our tiny space. US. The ups, the downs and the wonderful in-betweens…ALL of it! Today, our lives are so different than we could’ve imagined.  We can safely say our journey isn’t over yet and in many cases it feels like it has only just begun. Life is unique in this way where no matter where you are in life you can always create something new, find new beginnings, & challenge your status quo.

2020 might be a year to forget…or remember?

The ups, the downs, the in-betweens…ALL of it. We talk so much about building strong finances that we failed to realize that RV Life has built a level of resiliency to our lives. The downs never lasted long enough to break us, the downs we experienced allowed the Ups to be more valuable, but the in-betweens are the moments that we’ll cherish for a lifetime.

What in-betweens have you experienced in 2020? Have they made you resilient?

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