Our RV Life Journey

Day 628 of RV Life

Day 628 of RV Life…

Summer is not as much fun this year for 3 reasons

COVID-19, It’s Bloody Hot in Texas, and, We don’t have Busch Gardens VA & Water Country USA 5 minutess from our campground like we did last year.

How Long Have We Been Fulltime RV’ers

21 months of fulltime RV Life. 3 months from 2 full years. Just WOW. For anyone just getting started (it gets a little easier) or those wanting to take the plunge (do it!), it will be the best decision you made for yourself. We owe everything to this journey.  It’s be our best decision ever.  This journey has brought so many positives that any negatives that have come up are easily overlooked.  Funny how that happens.  Usually in life you say, the positives are often overlooked in life because the negative takes so much attention.

Where are we currently located?

We’ve been in Texas for 3 full months (1 month pre-COVID, 2 during) and we STILL don’t understand why Texans DRIVE SLOW in the left lane!? Seriously, you pass on the right around here. We’ve finally figured out why so many restaurants and businesses use “ETX” in their names. ETX = East Texas.  Torchy’s Tacos are LEGIT. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop is pretty damn good too. But the Chicken & Waffles at 1936 Texas Kitchen is DELICIOUS.  Country Music artist, Miranda Lambert’s hometown is 5 minutes from our campground in Lindale, TX. Quaint & quiet town with a delicious Mexican restaurant named, you guessed it…”Cinco De Mayo”.

Our Plans For the Next Few Months

We haven’t made it to many restaurants as we normally do at this point. We bought an annual Texas State Park pass that we’ve been able to use 3 times so far. There’s soooo many State Parks here in Texas, so we hope to venture out soon to see them. Preferably ones with swimming because you know…IT’S HOTT!  We’ve met some awesome people here in East Texas too! For now, we are scheduled to stay in Texas until October. We continue to take it day by day with Meredith’s contract, fingers crossed that nothing changes.

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