Our RV Life Journey

Day 662 of RV Life

We’ve Officially crossed the 22 month mark of being fulltime RV’ers on our RV Debt Free Journey!

COVID Made Other Plans For Us As it Has Many Others

Truth be told, this month was to be our celebratory debt free month. We all know why it isn’t and that’s ok. 2020 has been a year of survival and taking each month one at a time. We continue to discuss our long term goals which have remained unchanged, but our short term goals continue to flex depending on what’s lurking around the next bend of 2020.

So what does the rest of 2020 look like for us?

Our journey continues in Texas! Fortunately for us, Meredith’s contract has remained intact since we arrived back in Texas at the beginning of May. As of today, they’ve extended her through December and we’re thankful. Additionally, as many of you saw in our stories, I have my first official coaching client and it looks like I may be adding 2 more in the coming week! Learning to crawl before I can walk again is definitely different, but I’m staying focused.

Something You May Not Know

We’ve talked about Domiciles and their importance while we are on the road fulltime, but part of this requirement for tax purposes is our unique and often time consuming annual pilgrimage back to Nashville to renew our car tags and registrations.  Something most RV’ers take advantage of are states that offer a registered address as their domicile that make it easy to renew car tags online with little to no effort every year.  This isn’t the same for us, unfortunately.

Our Domicile is located in Nashville Metro, home to Emissions Testing

Which is what creates our annual and time consuming trip back to Nashville twice a year.  We cannot simply renew online because our vehicles are registered in the Nashville Metro area which requires Emissions testing in order to renew our tags.  Depending on where we are currently located, that could turn into quite the trip with quite the expense.  Currently, we are located in East Texas which is a 10 hour drive back to Nashville.  Recently, I took a quick 2 day trip to renew one of the car tags which took 20 hours of drive time, $200 for an Airbnb stay, $100 worth of gas expenses, another $60 for food, and about 2 hours worth of time to complete the emissions and pick up our 2021 sticker for our car tag.  All of this for a $9 piece of paper that shows we passed emissions testing.

Fortunately this only happens twice a year.

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