Our RV Life Journey

Day 690 of RV Life

Hello 23rd month of fulltime RV Life! You know what next month means?!? 2 full years on the road!

Pinch me. Can it be 2 years already?

I remember typing my first “Day of RV Life” post vividly. It was Day 7 & that week was both a relief and an accomplishment. A relief knowing we survived the 1st week in a small space after leaving 2400 sq ft behind and an accomplishment because in those 1st 7 days we were learning so many new things about the RV Lifestyle.

So many things have happened during our 690 Days on the road

Over the course of the last 690 days…we’ve explored 13 different states, many National Parks, several State Parks, dined at some phenomenal restaurants, rescued 2 strays and kept one of them, visited family, learned a new lifestyle, dealt with a lawsuit, experienced multiple Job Layoffs, paid off a ton of debt, started a new career, made new lifelong friendships, & now…trying to survive a global pandemic.

As with everyone else, this year has been particularly difficult. But I think back to that first week (and month for that matter) and remember the challenges we faced during that time. I recall saying, “I don’t think I can do this”.

We are conditioned to run back to comfortable.

Especially when things get tough! Thankfully, both Meredith and I would coach each other through those thoughts and we stuck with our journey. We are grateful!

We owe everything to our RV Journey!

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