Our RV Life Journey

Day 730 of RV Life

October 23rd, 2018 – October 23rd, 2020, 730 Days = 2 full years.

1,051,200 minutes we’ve been on the road. 17,520 hours we’ve spent together. 24 months we’ve accomplished many goals we set.

Incredible. It’s the first and only word that immediately comes to mind to describe this nomadic-RV- debt free-tiny living journey of ours. Every mile, every campground, every gym we’ve been members of, every person we’ve had the chance to meet, every struggle, & every goal we’ve achieved has been incredible. 2 years may not sound like a long time, nor is it for all intents and purposes, but I’m here to tell you wherever you are in life’s journey, it’s truly amazing what can happen in just 2 years time.

Didn’t just change our financial future.

Most of you know our story by now, but we originally only intended to fulltime RV for 1 year with 1 goal. 2 years later, we’ve built a better life for ourselves by accomplishing many goals. Even though this year has changed quite a few plans, we’re still blessed. The love and support from all of you have kept us going. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you let yourself be vulnerable. That’s the hardest part to all of RV Life…being vulnerable, but the growth in our lives, our marriage, and now our little family is all part of it.

Words of advice.

Don’t wait.  Don’t hold yourself back.  If something isn’t working in your current situation, change it.  There’s a strong chance that when you do, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t do it sooner.  Good things might come to those who wait, but great things happen when you take control and not settle for ‘just ok’.  You are stronger than you think.  Allow yourself to be vulnerable and push yourself to experience new things.  Find comfort in the uncomfortable.  You owe it to yourself and your future.  I promise it will be worth it.

Our only wish would have been to start this RV Life journey sooner. Thanks to all of you for reading and following along!


  • Lance Hollingshead

    I just, minutes ago, downloaded Rootless Livings new email and picked your story to check out! Congrats on your life and exercising the wonderful power of choice. You should be so proud of all your accomplishments, I know you are! We are fellow Wanderers, and full x RVers. I thoroughly enjoyed your beginning story and the open doors you have experienced along the way…

    Thank you for sharing.

    Stay Free, God Bless,

    Lance and Susan

    • bshoemaker

      Hi Lance, thank you for reading our story and the kind words. We greatly appreciate it. We feel blessed for our journey and hope that if there are others out there like us that are struggling they too can open new doors! We love knowing you are wanderers and RV’ers too! Congrats to you for your journey and thank you again for stopping by!

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