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Day 829 of RV Life…

The next time I post one of these, our little human will be here!

After 27 months of being fulltime RV’ers, here’s my definition of the RV Lifestyle: “The absence of luxuries in favor of necessities”.

Here’s what I mean…

The RV Lifestyle teaches you things. Not just about the lifestyle, but who you are as a person. In the beginning it’s scary, different, and challenging mostly due to the luxuries you come from and the luxuries you no longer have. Some of these luxuries cause you to overlook the true necessities in life.

Immediately you feel lost, especially if you are like us who had never RV’d or camped before and joined the lifestyle cold turkey.

Things that make you miss the luxuries you once had…

> Being in the middle of your shower only to find yourself in ankle deep water because the grey water tank is full.
> Hearing your sink burp when doing laundry because the tank is full.
> Speaking of laundry, it has to be done EVERYDAY because the unit is small.
> Frozen water lines, frozen spigots, and frozen sewer lines.
> Fungus Gnats in the summertime flying up and out of the toilet every time you flush.
> Internet is always a struggle.
> Thunderstorms feel like Hurricanes.
> Blowing circuits because you have too many things plugged in using your converter.
> Regular power outages.
> Failing to use enough water when flushing the toilet causing a blockage.
> Disconnecting the sewer hose while wearing a “good pair” of shoes.
> Buying the most popular “campground shoes” called Crocs.
> Using GPS everywhere you go.
> Running out of propane in the middle of cooking in your tiny oven.
> Regulating the humidity levels inside your RV.

Despite any of the above, you learn how to adapt, some quicker than others, but you find out what the true necessities are in life. Spending quality time with the ones you love become the most significant. The luxuries you might miss become less important and the struggles you face are just life’s way of pushing you to learn new things.

Getting out of your comfort zone is when you truly learn life’s meaning.

What’s a luxury you miss?

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