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Day 854 of RV Life

Celebrating baby Eleanor’s 1st week and we are reminded what a week it was. Definitely memorable in absolutely every way possible.

Being a fulltime nomadic RV’er comes with so many pros it 1000% exceeds the cons, but let us tell you, after 28 months of fulltiming, the cons will test your patience. Especially with over 10 inches of snow and 7 straight days of below freezing temperatures. Winter in a RV is challenging enough, but you toss in that many consecutive days of below freezing, there’s only so much preparation you can do. And we thought we were safe in Texas, but apparently Mother Nature had other plans.

All parts memorable, some parts forgettable…

Here’s some things that occurred in Texas’s worst snowstorm in a century that will be a memory we’d be happy to forget:

⚠️ Frozen Water Spigot and no running water for 5 days…with a newborn.
⚠️ Roads completely impassable. The drive home from the hospital took us over an hour, which normally takes us 20 minutes. Thank God for 4 wheel drive.
⚠️ Frozen Sewer lines. Fortunately our campground has a shower house we could shower at and fill a large bucket with water to bring back to the RV.
⚠️Boil water notice. This usually wouldn’t be a big deal, but we did run out of propane. We were forced to use our electric griddle (which took forever) to boil our drinking water.
⚠️ Due to the roads, we couldn’t pick up Meredith’s pain meds after delivering Eleanor. She went without for 4 days until the roads improved and places opened back up.
⚠️ Sewer pipe connected to a grey water tank split and burst. Ugh, we attempted to make all the necessary arrangements before we went to the hospital, but…$748 later this was our most expensive issue. Fortunately we found some mobile RV repair guys that came quick to resolve this for us. We weren’t alone with this issue. 6 others in the campground had similar issues.
⚠️ Ran out of propane. We refilled both tanks prior to leaving for the hospital, but by Day 4 of leaving the thermostat at 60 and the heater continuously running, it was gone quickly.

Undeniably, it was quite a week.

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