Our RV Life Journey

Day 88 of RV Life

Freaking cold weather man 🥶.


Weather dipped to below 20 degrees last night and we woke up to frozen fresh water lines. 😡.


After initial diagnosis we found that the water filter and pressure regulator were completely frozen. Not easy to unfreeze when the highs were only 26 degrees today 😑. Nothing a few @youtube searches and a trip to @homedepot couldn’t fix. Picked up the hero hot gun 🦸‍♂️ today that melted the ice and spigot loose so we could add a new unfrozen water filter. This time we hope to have prepped better. We added insulation tape to the filter and regulator along with towels, duct tape & a trash can to cover everything. 🤞🏻.


Hoping I don’t have to risk frost bite tomorrow to fix again.

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