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Day 880 of RV Life

29 Months of living the fulltime RV Lifestyle and to be honest? I’m pretty sure I’ve covered most topics related to living life on the road as fulltimers. At least fulltimers who are mostly stationary like we are. For any newbies out there looking to join the RV Lifestyle, you can find all of this information including just about everything else regarding our story on our blog (www.drivingtowardsfire.com)

Speaking of stationary…

This is now the longest we’ve been stationary since we began our journey so long ago. We’ve been in East Texas for more than a year. We’ve been here long enough we don’t necessarily need GPS anymore, seeing Cowboys ride their horses down county roads no longer surprise us, and any place we travel to outside of Texas feels, well…small.

So what’s next?


For the first time we actually don’t know what’s next. I mean, we have an overall plan, but in the short term we have so many things up in the air at this point that we aren’t quite sure what the rest of 2021 looks like. We’ve planned to shut our cabin down again in May and July for 3 reasons:

1. As soon as it’s safe for Eleanor to travel, we’re taking her on her first vacation to our cabin in the Smokies.
2. Every year since we’ve bought our cabin as an investment, we’ve made major capital improvements to it. 2021 is no exception. We have major plans and can’t wait to get started on them. So if all goes well, we’ll get most of this completed in July.
3. We need some fresh air. Some fresh Smoky Mountain air.

As for anything else?

We received news that the hospital system Meredith has been contracted with since March of 2020 are no longer contracting Locums CRNAs at this point. She’s on maternity leave for another 4 months, but we thought a part time Locums position might be available when she returned, but that’s no longer an option. As for me? I’ve applied to well over 100 different Healthcare IT positions in the last 5 months with some that almost worked out, then didn’t. In a week from now, I will be unemployed for a full year due to C🅾️Vℹ️D.

As for our FI/RE Plans…

We’re still pursuing, more on that later…

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