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Day 965 of RV Life

I mean, Beach Life, wait…Mountain Life….no I mean Lake Life. We’ve experienced all the “life’s” the last month and 3 weeks! All of which included skipping 80+ degree temps inside the RV with both A/Cs running all day long. Summer is here in Texas & we intended to be completely out of our RV before the heat arrived, but sadly we didn’t. So we did the next best thing. We traveled to the beach for a week, stayed at our cabin for 2 weeks, & booked our first extended short term stay at a lakehouse to enjoy central heat & air.

The plan was to use this time for family & deciding our next steps…

Let me just say that getting out of the RV is proving more challenging than getting into it. Which if you’d ask me 3 years ago, I would have laughed at that thought. But it’s true. We have somewhat of a logistical as well as physical challenge. The good news is, we’re about 98% sure we know where & what’s next for us. The bad news is, getting there is the challenge. A big one at that.

Since the RV hasn’t sold we’ll be getting her road ready, which also means getting the truck & car ready too. Which is a post for a different day, but that in itself is daunting. Next is the dogs, all 3 of them are due for updates on their shots. Meredith and I need haircuts (maybe a massage too, lol) & that doesn’t include cleaning out our storage unit back in Nashville and all the other things associated with moving.

Did we forget to mention all while caring for a soon-to-be 4 month old? 4 months?!? Time flies.

In 2018, making reservations at campgrounds was EASY. In 2021, NOPE. Most are completely booked. Word to the wise, book early & know where you are going.

Only 35 days until we hit 1,000 days of RV Life, will we hit 1K? We’ll see, but one thing is for certain, fulltime RV Life is ending soon.

Who wants to know where & what we’re up to next? ✋🏻

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