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Day 992 of RV Life

We’re still here and we have some exciting updates!

After departing the beautiful AirBnB lakehouse we rented for June, we made our way back to the RV, reluctantly. It’s JULY in TEXAS & the campground has NO SHADE. We just aren’t in the mood for 80 degrees inside the RV with both A/Cs running. Also, keeping an infant (notice I said infant? Yep, baby girl is no longer a newborn!) cool inside a RV is no easy feat.

Anyways…the exciting news…

We are officially leaving Texas in a few days to trade our 400 square foot home on wheels for a 2200 square foot townhome. We are starting our newest chapter and cannot wait. The process to plan a large move that we are undertaking is quite stressful! If we could only snap our fingers and this entire process be over that would be GREAT. Although, this particular part of journey will be the most memorable. Making the plans to move is one of the reasons we haven’t been online as much these days.

For this week, as we count down the days until RV Life is over and we reach 1,000 days of the RV nomadic lifestyle, we will be sharing our Top 8 experiences from our 1,000 days being on the road. Stay tuned as we’ll also share where we plan to setup new roots soon!

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