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Day 993 of RV Life

First let me say this, narrowing down 1,000 days of our Top 8 experiences is proving to be difficult! There’s just so many, but here goes it…

To kick off our Top 8 experiences from our nomadic journey is our trip to Onancock, Virginia where we stayed at a beautiful Bed & Breakfast and crossed the longest bridge tunnel we’ve ever traveled across called the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel! Totaling 17.6 miles long from the mouth of Chesapeake Bay.

After arriving in Onancock, we ventured out to Chincoteaque and later Assateague Island where you can see wild horses roaming freely. Which was truly amazing to see! Chincoteaque is located in Virginia, but once you hit Assateague, you are now in Maryland. Besides the wild horses and beautiful beaches, you’ll find a bazaar crumbing road on Assateague Island named “Baltimore Blvd”. What was once a major thoroughfare on the island was later destroyed by a hurricane and never rebuilt. We loved every second of Assateague & Chincoteaque but arguably the best part of this experience was arriving back at the Bed & Breakfast for an endless supply of Wine. The owner made sure your glass was never empty!

Word to the wise about Assateague in particular…

If you go during the summer months, be sure to bring a heavy amount of deet filled bug spray! The mosquitos will eat you through your clothes! Seriously, buy the deet & douse yourself from head to toe.

Definitely one of most favorite experiences from our RV Journey! Stay tuned for our next top experience!

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