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Day 994 of RV Life

Our 2nd most memorable experience from our RV & Nomadic lifestyle is the day we issued the final payment to our student loan & credit card debt!

This was the original reason for our RV Journey…

We started with a goal and that goal was to pay off $137k of debt in 12 months. For three years prior to our journey, we made our payments which totaled $1800 a month! We felt like we weren’t ever going to pay them off. Not only did we pay them off thanks to the RV lifestyle, but we paid them off in exactly 12 months and 6 years before their actual scheduled payoff. CRNA school is expensive and so worth it, but that student debt can feel heavy after you graduate. It was so heavy for us the first 3 years, we took to the RV Lifestyle & Locums contract work to do something about it.

It was after this moment, we decided “why stop now”?

The freedom from our student loan and credit card debt opened up so many new opportunities financially we opted to pursue ALL of them.

Since that moment…

✅ We maximized our ROI with our vacation cabin

✅ We have set our retirement accounts on Coast without having to add another penny if we don’t want to

✅ We paid off another $400,000 in total debt

✅ We literally went from a negative net worth to a positive

✅ We saved more than 50% of our income for Meredith’s maternity leave.

✅ We saved a fully funded emergency fund that protected us when Brett was laid off from not one but two jobs

✅ We opened a HSA and contributed the max to it to cover medical expenses related to having our first baby

All of this wouldn’t be possible without two things:

1. A rock solid budget & constant financial discussions as a family

2. A 400 square foot home on wheels that allowed us to Geoarbitrage our lifestyle by keeping expenses low so we can maximize our savings and income.

This is our most important experience of our entire journey. This moment in time changed our futures completely. Undeniably, it was our hardest chapter but the most valuable. That value comes in the form of more time.

We sacrificed some of the present to set us up for more time in the future.

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