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Don’t Mess with Texas…

Hard to believe we’ve “lived” in Texas for 10 months! (Would be 12, but we escaped to our cabin in the Smokies for 2 months last year)…

Since we’ve been here for 10 months, Here’s 10 things we’ve learned…

1. Contrary to what the sign says, Texans do NOT drive friendly. Outside of their cars they are 100% friendly though.

2. Speaking of driving, the left lane in Texas is considered the slow lane and you pass on the right!

3. So many car accidents.

4. It’s not uncommon to see a Cowboy riding their horse on the shoulder of any county road, daily.

5. So many stray dogs.

6. Texans LOVE their donuts. No exaggeration, they have donut shops on every corner of every intersection!

7. Tacos are not just “a way of life” here, IT IS LIFE! And we’re here for it!

8. The saying is true. Everything IS BIGGER in Texas.

9. All major roadways have 3 lanes on both sides. This is to accommodate all of the HUGE trucks everyone drives.

10. Speaking of trucks, most who own them opted for the “Texas Edition”.

Being fulltime nomads has been amazing because we travel and get to experience different areas all across our country. These are experiences we’ll remember for the rest of our lives! Once baby arrives this may slow for awhile, but we can’t wait to introduce our little one to the nomadic and travel lifestyle!

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