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Drain Water Separator Part 2…

As a follow up to our original post about the Drain Water Separator (check it out if you missed it) we decided to post a follow up related to this necessary maintenance to your Ford Turbo Diesel.

Not only does this reservoir separate water from the diesel fuel…

It’s also responsible for the acceleration when you hit the gas to engage the high pressure fuel pump and injectors. As I mentioned previously, I’m a diesel motor novice and this was sage advice I received. If you don’t drain the water from the separator, you can receive a false positive (yes, my background is medical 😉).

Here’s why…

The drain water Separator is there to protect your motor in the event the fuel has water in it. So as a fail safe, if the message appears on your dash to drain it, the acceleration will not be the same. You’ll gradually pick up speed, but you’ll lose that instant turbo boost. This is your false positive. Meaning there’s an issue but it’s giving you a positive.

In case you didn’t know…

When your high pressure fuel pump or fuel injectors go out in your diesel Ford, you ALSO lose the ability to rapidly accelerate, shortly there after your check engine light will come on. In this instance, you’d better not drive the truck for long. Driving with a blown high pressure fuel pump will further damage the motor.

Almost 2 years ago, our high pressure fuel pump failed. Fortunately, we stopped driving and had it replaced for $4500. Had we continued to drive? The damage caused would have potentially created another $3000 in damage.

Take care of your car and it will take care of you.

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