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Full-Time RV Life: Pretty Great but also Pretty Gross

It’s True.

Because you all loved our last helpful RV post about our black tank situation, we’re back bringing some more less than glorious things about RV Life (and some helpful tips too)!

Pictured is our shower and the handy half of DrivingTowardsFIRE resolving yet another issue. We started noticing that the shower drain was SLOW to drain and initially we thought maybe it was just the tank being full…


After unscrewing the small plate covering the drain…ugh the HORROR! Now, let me say this…we are extremely clean people, but this is a reminder for us to be even more thorough. There was a buildup blocking the water from draining! Gross right? Remember, fulltime RV Life is fun, but not always glamorous. So make sure you look under and clean under that shower plate regularly!

So how do you resolve it?

> No, you can’t pour drano down it…well, at least we’ve read that you shouldn’t.
> Baking Soda
> Vinegar

Add the baking soda to the drain and then pour the vinegar on top. Do it as many times as needed.

Thanks for reading about the not so glamorous side of RV Life!

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