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Fulltime RV Life Lessons Learned: 20 Month Mark

RV Life…Lessons Learned After 20 Months…

Just realized the last one of these lessons learned posts about RV Life was after 8 months! But here’s the thing…8 months to 20 months doesn’t have that many new lessons learned, but I’ll share some with you today.

Around the Campground:

While staying at campgrounds with other campers, avoid cutting through someone else’s slip to get back to your RV. (PSA, Duke can hear you and he’ll fuss).

When You Need Service for Your RV:

If your RV has an extended warranty, you don’t necessarily have to take it to Camping World for warranty work. There are many mobile techs that can do warranty work and they come to you!

Planning to do some Boondocking?

If you’ve yet to buy your RV, consider adding an onboard generator if that’s an option. Especially if you plan to boondock.

Necessary Supplies:

Buy a surge protector and a water pressure regulator. Electrical outages are common at RV Parks, prevent electrical damage to your appliances. Some campgrounds do not regulate water pressure very well. Since RV pipes are made of plastic it’s a must to keep pressure at 50psi or less. Anything above that can cause damage.

Daily Maintenance:

Do not leave your grey tanks open. Some people will tell you it’s not a big deal. But it is. The grey tanks are filled by sinks and the shower. Here’s why it’s important to keep them closed…if left open food and other things can get stuck to the sides of the tank since it doesn’t have the chance to fill with water. This creates smells & other potential issues.

Traveling with Pets?  PetEtiquette:

Always keep your pets on leashes. Others might be walking their 3 big dogs and the last thing someone needs is another dog running up causing issues.

Worried About Weak Cell Phone Signals?

Invest in WeBoost cell phone range extenders. They work and we used the heck out of it in Virginia that had zero signal.

Cannot Recommend the Andersen Hitch Enough:

If you haven’t bought your RV yet & are considering a 5th Wheel, spend a little more for an Andersen Hitch. I promise, you’ll thank us later. So easy to hook up and disconnect.

Toilet Tips and Slide Out and Leveling Jacks Maintenance:

Always add lots of water when flushing and using your RV’s bathroom. I mean a lot of water. Google what happens if you don’t.  Keep your jacks and slide outs lubricated regularly.  (Speaking of Jacks and Slide Outs, Pro-Tip the extended warranty when purchasing your RV is completely worth it for these)

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